reflex group

Corporate Identity

Excellence in the safety technology

Reflexallen is focused on the analysis, development and industrialisation of products which are divided into four divisions.
Reflexallen was founded 1988 in Modena, but since 2005 its headquarters is in Guiglia (close to Modena - Italy). Reflexallen puts his main focus in winning the trust of its customers, and then trying to understand the needs with the intent to build a long term relationship and providing services and products that can meet the individual needs.

Reflexallen values

The customers are the centre of Reflexallen's values: they participate in the operations improvement, quality perfectioning and products inventing.
A philosophy which sees human relationships as a cohesive force for the construction of a long relationship of trust. The team is an essential element in Reflexallen, as sharing common goals can achieve maximum performance, especially when an organization is called upon to carry out its tasks in a complex environment typical of a company that produces and distributes in a multinational context. Reflexallen also considered essential to share its values with all stakeholders, values that are founded on respect for people, environment, quality of life, innovation, excellence, integrity and membership.

Global distribution

Reflexallen supplies the global market in direct and indirect ways (thanks to the distribution structures of partners and other Reflexallen group's companies) ensuring a level of coverage on all four product divisions of absolute prestige. With the support of our engineers and our customer service, we guarantee a very high level service of advisory and information throughout the supply chain. Efficient, quick and precise; this is how we think the service in Reflexallen.

Innovation for quality

Innovation has always distinguished Reflexallen, because the quality offer needs to be maintained and developed with time. Reflexallen invests in human, information technologies and technological resources, as well as in training and research in order to innovate and optimise new products and process engineering.
We are convinced that only through a continuous process of innovation we provide our customers new products, efficient and inexpensive, and we believe this is the element that allows us to gain the trust of many customers around the world.

Product Range

Reflexallen is considered one of the most innovative companies in the safety market.
The reliability of Reflexallen products is assured by the fact that the company exclusively chooses materials that make them safe and resistant, confirming the company focus on the technological innovation. The incredible number of products entirely designed, engineered and manufactured by the group is the best attestation of organizational and technology skills that the group is able to express.
Reflexallen keeps evolving to match in every product quality and innovation, research and excellence, top performance and total reliability.