reflex group


The Reflexallen Team is made of international extensive, highly-qualified professionals, who strongly believe in the Company values, and they identify with them.

The ReflexallenPeople are winning charachters, that live and feedback day by day the continuos improvement mind, developing it in the processes, relationships and innovation management.
The question that people in Reflexallen ask themselves everyday is 'what can I do for my company? How can I support my team?'. Everyone struggle to give their best to the others to reach the success of the group.
People that work in Reflexallen share the same value, the same aim, similar lifestyles: they believe in the motto 'mens sana in corpore sano' and they live their lives in phisical, mental and moral 'well-being'.
This philosophy brought Reflexallen to be the European leader in all the four product divisions, and it'll allow in the future to largerly confirm this position, as well as to reach new challenging goals.

Reflex&Allen internally develops its competences in the Italian headquarters, and all its branches. It creates internal carrier paths for its talents, concentrating its focus on dedicated and self-motivated employees.

All the Reflexallen human resources work everyday using the most advanced implementations concerning Information Technology. Production is set through complex systems of industrial automation, that work on the lean thinking, total quality and business process reengineering approaches. The marketing department develops corporate communications planning, that are based on a complete range of information media, and the newest technologies related to them.

Working in Reflexallen means to match a global view of the business with a pure vocation for challenging results and a a strong willingness to travel and work in teams with women and men from all parts of the world. Teamworking, sharing common goals and personal interpreneurship are the required elements to be part of the Reflexallen Team.