New Catalogue 2011


From the 10th of January 2011 our  group catalogue "2011 edition" will be available. Please request your .pdf version from our customer services department and we will forward this on immediately.

As the previous edition we have brought together all the products manufactured in our group divisions. The catalogue, in fact, points out the new group structure and consolidates all products within the catalogue for greater accessibility.

The catalogue of 192 pages contains products that are almost totally designed and developed by our R&D team and completely manufactured in our production plants.

Every division has been enriched with new products and we hope you approve of the content, our commercial department is trained and ready to meet any of your requests regarding these items.

Products in the Pneumatic and Electrical divisions are manufactured in our Allen production plants and are the worlds largest manufacturer of rilsan tubing and OEM air brake coils, besides being supplier of electrical coils and A.D.R.trailflex cables. Fluid Power division is exclusively for the OEM equipment and supply assemblies that deliver fluids which are developed upon request. Finally the Reflex range of products is grouped together in the Safety Devices division and divided into categories according to the regulation and the nation concerned.







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