BFCEC Supplier Conference


On 10.03.2011 Frank Lu (RA Wuxi General Manager) had attended the first BFCEC Annual Supplier Conference on behalf of Reflexallen Wuxi. More than 200 people attended the conference in Beijing.
BFCEC is a joint venture formed by Cummins and Foton group which focus on the manufacturing of the light engine. BFCEC launched production in year 2009, the designed capacity is 400,000 sets engine per year.
As a global supplier of Cummins group, Reflexallen Wuxi started the cooperation with BFCEC ever since the beginning of the foundation of BFCEC, during the past years we have maintained good relationship with the BFCEC project, technical and purchasing team by our great efforts on the project, meanw
hile our great effort and professional behavior are also well recognized by BFCEC and in return this year we were very honored to be awarded as one of the best cooperation supplier of BFCEC. We are supplying low pressure fuel lines and coolant water pipe to BFCEC. The output of BFCEC from 2009, 2010 is 20,000 and 40,000 and the forecast for the year 2011 would be around 50,000 sets.
BFCEC will expand its business quickly with the great support from their strong Cummins and Foton headquarter. The next 5 years forecast from year 2011 to 2015 would be 50,000, 130,000,180,000,220,000 and 2

Frank Lu said: "In the person of Reflexallen Wuxi, I am very proud to supply BFCEC who is increasing its presence in the vehicle market worldwide. This Award means to us a reward to our efforts that we permanently dedicate to the production and materials research. This allows us to improve  and update continuously our range of products and gain our customers satisfaction that is always the most important thing in our practice philosophy."

The annual supplier conference is a platform to exchange the information and strengthen the communication between BFCEC and the suppliers, through the supplier conference we can clearly get to know the expectation from our customer so as to make full preparation for the future business.





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