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ECE-104 Conspicuity tape

ECE 104 Reflecting tape

Some of you may be aware that the UNECE has agreed to the introduction of additional outline reflective markings on goods vehicles. The UN Technical Committee (UNECE) has published the requirements in an amendment to Regulation 48, which will apply additional side and rear markings to new goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes and new trailers over 3.5 tonnes. All tapes are required to be certified to regulation ECE 104. The reflecting markings will be mandatory from the 10th of July 2011.

ECE 104 Regulation

Regulation ECE 104 applies to newly registered HGVs with a mass over 7.5 tonnes and trailers with a mass over 3.5 tonnes. The regulation defines the standard for reflective material that can be used, and where it must be placed on the vehicle.

ECE 104 Product

We provide ECE 104 reflective tapes of maximum brightness as defined by regulation ECE 104, suitable for curtain sided, rigid vehicles and tankers. Designed for ease of application and durability, Our reflecting tape will quickly bring your new vehicles in line with ECE 104 regulation, and help protect you and other road users from accidents.
Statistics in the US have shown that such device (compulsory for all new vehicles from 3/11/1992) reduces accidents caused by collision by 16% during the day and 21% at night. (Source: NTHSA).


Retro-reflective marking materials installed on vehicles may be made up of an element or several elements preferably continuously, parallel or as much as possible parallel to the ground. The same rule applies for tractors, semi-trailers and other vehicle combinations. A combination of vehicles and trailers marked and unmarked in the sense of this regulation is discouraged. The mounting of the markings should identify as much as possible the entire length and width of the vehicle. "Entire" means at least 80% of the length and/or width. In case of non-continuous strips the distance between single elements should be as small as possible and should not exceed 50% of the shortest element length. Retro-reflective marking materials shall have a minimum height above the ground of at least 250mm and a maximum height of 1500mm. However, 2100mm may be accepted in cases where technical conditions forbid the compliance with the maximum value of 1500mm.

Those installed on the rear of vehicles may be red in colour, those installed on sides of vehicles shall be yellow or white in colour.

ECE 104 - Reflexallen


It must be applied when temperature is between 10° and 38°C. Hand wash with sponge, cloth or soft brush using warm water and detergent.

  • remove protective liner (about 10cm) and tack the tape onto the dry surface.
  • Place the tape. Keep the tape in place and remove protective liner
  • Apply pressure using a squeegee along the length of the tape
  • Instructions for curtainsider surfaces. During application place a rigid surface behind the curtainsider. Application underneath belts or buckles is not recommended. Remove protective liner.
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  • Step 3 - ECE 104 - Reflexallen
  • Step 4 - ECE 104 - Reflexallen

Do not overlap sheeting. Joints to be adhered without gaps.
Before washing wait 72 hours.
High pressure cleaning instructions:

  • maximum pressure 80 bar
  • maximum temperature 60°C
  • minimum 50cm distance and a 90°C angle (+/- 5°) of cleaning jet from sheeting surface.
  • The cleaner must be wet, non-abrasive, without strong solvent.


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ECE 104 - Reflexallen