Guiglia headquarters

Man creates, grows and make things grow. Everything starts from the man and the man is the centre or everything. This is why the construction of the new headquarter starts from the human being, by researching and developing an enviroment where the mental and phisical wellness of RA people is central.
The location itself comes from a precise choice: the new plant rises on the green Modena hills, 500m above the sea level, in a pure setting, far from the urban pollution.

  • All the enviroments are made with natural components: wood, glass and aluminium are the main materials used in the whole construction. The central glass cube doens't isolate the man from the outside, but on the contrary it overdraws the perception of the surrounding enviroment, melting man and nature, that is so lively and handsome in this area.
  • All the components such as paints additives have been substitutes (where possible) with natural oils and non-toxic materials.
  • The enviromets are wide and open: heating and air conditioning are kept under strict control thanks to some technological equipments, that care about the humidity and carbon dioxide percentage.
  • We totally avoided internal filters to complete the climatic planning of the inner areas with the most modern external active carbon system.
  • The plant is supplied through all the day with a complex electronic system of lights setting. Thanks to this equipment the plant is supplied with a constant quantity of light, to preserve the eyes and mind wellness, that takes energy just from light.
  • Wide windows are placed all around the production area, and they let workers enjoy the amazing beauty of hills, allowing a total immersion in nature. The big tall-trees area inside the production lines overdraws this sensation, and it also supply the right quantity of oxigen for the people that work in.
  • Outside there's a 20.000 square meters park, with a lighted ring created for footing and running sports. The park surrounding the plant is an unusual enviroment for relaxing pauses, as well for business decisions.
  • The man also remains the center of RA philpsophy in the modern wellness center, that is equipped with Kinesis Technogym™ products with heartbit control machines. There are also:
    • Personal changing rooms with hot showers;
    • Wellness area with sauna and turkish bath;
    • Relax area;
    • Lounge bar;
    • Internal canteen.

RA invest for the life quality of the people, that work for its success.