RA Headquarter

RA Headquarters

Excellence in the safety technology

RA is focused on the analysis, development and industrialisation of safety equipments.

RA was founded 1988, and its headquarters are now in Guiglia (close to Modena - Italy). RA provides a modern customer service, supplying a wide range of devices for many needs and purposes.

RA values

The customers are the centre of RA's values: they participate in the operations improvement, quality perfectioning and products inventing.

In RA people practice teamworking, because sharing common goals is the best choice to reach the production and distribution top-performance. RA constantly relates to its values in every relation it keeps with its customers and external players; respect for people and environment, quality of life, innovation, excellence, integrity and membership.

Global distribution

RA supplies the global market in direct and indirect ways (thanks to the distribution structures of partners and other RA group's companies). It is capillary present everywhere and is ready to get any commercial area. The customer service provides counselling and information to all the supply chain.

Efficient, quick and precise; this is how we think the service in RA.

Innovation for quality

Innovation has always distinguished RA, because the quality offer needs to be maintained and developed with time. RA invests in human, economical and technological resources, as well as in training and research in order to innovate and optimise new products and process engineering.

Being the main production plant of the group allows RA to support the other branches, but the know how on the research and production system keep being shared.

Product Range

RA is considered one of the most innovative companies in the safety market.

The reliability of RA products is assured by the fact that the company exclusively chooses materials that make them safe and resistant, confirming the company focus on the technological innovation. Besides this, RA is the only company that uses a laser cut and welding for its products, which provides long-lasting products, with precise shapes that aren't affected by time and usage.

RA keeps evolving to match in every product quality and innovation, research and excellence, top performance and total reliability.